Zentia Premium

1.1 ml 3 syringes

How to use
Should be performed by a certified professional.

Store in 2 – 25°C. Protect from direct sunlight and freezing

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Zentia Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid

Performance: Hyaluronic acid is a high molecular substance composed of repeated disaccharides of N-acetyl glucosamin and glucuronic acid. Zentia has realized a stable gel through precision cross-linking technology. The stable stucture of hyaluronic acid gel fills the space, supports the structure, protects the cell, replenishes the volume of wrinkled skin and keeps it natural.

Safety: The active ingredient used in Zentia is non-animal. It is a human-adapted component, contains high-purity hyaluronic acid and naturally decomposed over time. Hyaluronic acid cross-linking gel can be corrected through hyaluronidase when a problem occurs. It is safe by providing the level of endotoxin and crosslinking agent below the detection limit through strict manufacturing process management.

Usability: Precisely designed handles and push rods keep the pressure at the time of injection evenly, enabling stable treatment. The monophasic structure is a regular and stable gel structure, and it is a specialized technology applied to Zentia that realizes natural volume and soft injection feeling.

Pain relief: Zentia contains Lidocaine to improve pain-related discomfort during the treatment.

Product Name PREMIUM
Injection Site Mid to deep dermis subcutaneous layer
HA Concentration 24 mg / ml
Visco-elasticity High
Duration 12-24 months
Packaging unit 25G*2
Injection Area Facial contouring, chin and chick augmentation
Syringe Volume 1.1ml * 3syr
Lidocaine 0.3%
Shelf Life 24 months
Storage Store in 2 – 25°C. Protect from direct sunlight and freezing

The durations are depends on age, lifestyle and the skill of a practitioner.

Cross-Linked Hyaluronic acid Zentia

High Quality Raw materials

Zentia is manufactured using 100% authentic high-quality hyaluronic acid, every Finished product complies with European Pharmacopoeia on the endotoxin level.

Test items – Endotoxin. Acceptance Criteria – Not more than 12.5 EU/ml. Results – Less than 0.5 EU/ml

High purification Process

10 steps only Zentia’s unique manufacturing technology enables high elasticity with lower amount of cross-linking agent and residual BDDE

Test items – BDDE. Acceptance Criteria – <2ppm (NMT 2ppm). Results – Not detected

High Elasticity Cohesiveness

No swelling, no break during injection, maintaining original shape and natural look. Keep shape after injection. Not easily broken by water

Test items – Viscosity (Apparent viscosity, 50Hz). Acceptance Criteria – 13100cp~ 17000cp. Results – 16000cp

High viscoelasticity and cohesiveness, but very comfortable injection force

Test items – Extrusion force. Acceptance Criteria – Not more than 25N. Results – 10N

Cross-Linked Hyaluronic acid Zentia

  • Hyaluronic Acid;

  • Dermal Filler;

  • 24mg/ml;

  • Lidocaine 3mg/ml;

  • High HA concentration;

  • Longer Duration;

  • Safety Raw materials;

  • No residual BDDE;

  • High Elasticity.

Cross-Linked Hyaluronic acid Zentia PREMIUM 1.1 ml 3 syringes

  • Rhinoplasty

  • Chin augmentation

  • Antero-medial malar


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