Neuramis 1 syringe * 1 ml

How to use
Should be performed by a certified professional.

Storage Condition
Do not freeze or heat the product. Avoid direct sunlight. Do not put any pressure or force on the product. Store at 2℃ to 25℃.

Medytox Inc.


Neuramis® is a NEW hyaluronic acid dermal filler highly effective for deep and static wrinkles, volume augmentations and skin rejuvenation. Neuramis® family is produced by Medytox who has also developed Botulinum toxin type A and is manufacturing this based on the company’s SHAPE™ technology characterized by 2-step cross-linking and Enhanced purification process.

Neuramis are hyaluronic acid-based fillers from the South Korean manufacturer Medytox, with an ideal price-quality ratio. Preparations from the brand are certified and approved for use in European countries and in Russia.

The Neuramis line includes fillers for solving various aesthetic problems. Each of them has a different density and concentration of active substances:

1.Neuramis Lidocaine

A viscous gel designed to eliminate moderate wrinkles. It is also used for contouring, in particular lip augmentation. To reduce discomfort during the procedure, the local anesthetic lidocaine is included in the composition.

2. Neuramis Light

Biorevitalizant with prolonged effects. It is used to moisturize the skin, restore healthy color and tone of the upper layer of the dermis.

3. Neuramis Deep

It comes in two forms: with lidocaine and without an additional component. Appointment Neuramis Dip - correction of medium and deep wrinkles, filling folds.

4. Neuramis Volume

An effective filler for bio-reinforcing and replenishing the volume of individual parts of the face: cheekbones, chin.

5. Neuramis Meso

A unique preparation containing an additional active agent mannitol. Restores skin tone and elasticity, and is used to prevent age-related changes. All preparations are intended for professional use. Home use is prohibited.

Neuramis Deep (CE1293) Neuramis Deep with Lidocaine Neuramis Volume with Lidocaine Neuramis with Lidocaine
Cross-Linking Level - (0.3% Lidocaine) (0.3% Lidocaine) (0.3% Lidocaine)
Needle 27G x 1/2*(13mm) 27G x 1/2*(13mm) UTW* 27G x 1/2*(13mm) UTW* 30G x 1/2*(13mm) UTW*
Concentration 20mg/ml 20mg/ml 20mg/ml 20mg/ml
Indication Deep wrinkles and facial contouring Deep wrinkles and facial contouring Restoring of cheek, chin and other facial area All facial wrinkles

Product Range1

Product Gel texture Lidocaine Needle Intended Use
Neuramis Meso - 20mg/mL (0.9% mannitol) 30G x 3/16*(4mm) UTW* Fine wrinkles, resoration of skin hydrobalance, improvement of skin structure, skin eslaticity
Neuramis Deep - 20mg/mL 27G x 1/3*(13mm) Moderate to serve facial wrinkles and folds (such as nasolabial folds
Neuramis Light Lidocaine 0.3% 30G x 3/16*(4mm) UTW* Fine wrinkles, resoration of skin hydrobalance, improvement of skin structure, skin eslaticity
Neuramis Lidocaine 30G x 1/2*(13mm) UTW* Wrinkles and folds on the lower face, specifically the nasolabial folds
Neuramis Deep Lidocaine 27G x 3/16*(4mm) UTW* Wrinkles and folds on the lower face, specifically the nasolabial folds
Neuramis Volume Lidocaine 27G x 3/16*(4mm) UTW* Wrinkles and folds on the face, cheek, chin augmenttion, shaping the contours of the face

*UTW(Ultra Thin Wall needle] The Ultra Thin Wall needle has a lager inner diameter compared to regular needles. It improves flow rates and lowers extruction force during injection.

Neuramis® is Safe

Zentia is manufactured using 100% authentic high-quality hyaluronic acid, every

Finished product complies with European Pharmacopoeia on the endotoxin level.

High-quality Raw materials1

Neuramis* is manufactured using a high-quality hyaluronic acid that is registered in the Drug Master Files(DMFs) of FCA and certified by the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines (EDQM)

Neuramis- raw maledele comply with even higher standsrds than required by the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur) to enhance safety.

Hyaluronic Acid Raw Materials Management Standards

Ph. Eur Neuramis
Residual protein Maximum 0.3% or 0.1% Maximum 0.1%
Endotoxin <0.5 or 0.05IU/mg <0.04IU/mg

Improved Refining Process with SHAPE technology1,2

SHAPE(Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid and Purificalion Enhancement) technology is the exclusive technology of Neuramis*. It stabilizes crossinking and enhances the purification process.

The Neuramie* series minimizes the amount of residual BODE through a lengthy natural dialysis process.

Step 1. Cross-linking with BDDE

Primary cross-linking

Step 2. Purification process

Removal of unbound BDDE

Neuramis® is Safe

Outstanding Cohesiveness1

Despite pressure from surrounding tissues, Neuramis" maintains its original shape after injection thanks to outstanding cohesiveness between the particles.

Cohesiveness test


Neuramis Deep




Other Monophasic

Outstanding Skin Integration 1

Neuramis" shows outstanding skin integration which blends well with tissue around the skin after injection, giving a natural look.

Histologic images




Neuramis Deep



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