Liporase 10 vials x 1 box; 1,500 IU of Hyaluronidase per vial

How to use
Should be performed by a certified professional.

Storage Condition
Store at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight. Please refer to Instruction for Use for more details.

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Liporase Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that dissolves Hyaluronic Acid by speeding up the rate at which it is absorbed by the body. It is often used to dissolve hyaluronic acid fillers due to overfilling, uneven distribution of fillers, incorrect placement, or accidental injection into the vein. As it only targets synthetic Hyaluronic Acid, Liporase Hyaluronidase swiftly reverses the effects of a filler without damaging your body’s natural Hyaluronic Acid. Liporase Hyaluronidase can also be used to boost the effectiveness of fat dissolving injections.

Main Benefits

Listed below are the main advantages of using liporase.
  • Simply & swiftly remove fillers: Liporase Hyaluronidase starts breaking down the Hyaluronic Acid as soon as it is injected into the target area. Depending on the HA concentration, effects become visible after 24~48 hours.

  • Boosts the effects of fat dissolving injections: Helps the fat destroyed by fat dissolving injections to be absorbed by the body, boosting the effects.

Liporase is a KFDA-approved (Korea Food & Drug Administration) form of hyaluronidase. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that is used to dissolve unwanted or misplaced hyaluronic acid fillers. It can also be used to boost fat dissolving injections. How Does It Work? Treatment Protocol Note: perform a patch test on patients to ensure that no allergic reaction will occur. Inject Liporase Hyaluronidase subcutaneously and wait 20 minutes to assess any allergic reactions. Redness and slight swelling after the injection are normal. Do not proceed with treatment with Liporase in the case of hives or other signs of allergy. When dissolving dermal fillers.

  1. Add 1.5ml of saline to the Liporase Hyaluronidase ampoule.

  2. Gently and slowly twirl the ampoule to mix, being careful to not shake too hard.

  3. Draw out the mixture with a syringe and slowly and carefully inject it into the area where the filler needs to be dissolved.

  4. The Hyaluronic Acid filler will start to dissolve right away and will be naturally absorbed by the body.

  5. Check the area for traces of the filler after 1 week. If any traces persist, repeat the procedure.

When boosting fat dissolving injections

  • Mix 5cc of saline with 1 vial of Liporase Hyaluronidase.

  • Inject the Liporase solution into the area where the fat dissolving injections will be administered.

  • After finishing the Liporase injections, administer the fat dissolving injection according to the product instructions. Tip: It is best to administer the Liporase and fat-dissolving injections separately, rather than mixing them in the same syringe.

Ingredients: Hyaluronidase (EP) 1500 IU, Lactose Hydrate 13.3 mg.

What's Inside

  • Liporase (Hyaluronidase) powder form, 10 vials.

  • Storage Precautions

Store in a cool, dry place. Never heat or freeze this product. Please keep away from direct sunlight. Weight: 60 g Frequently Asked Questions How long does it take to see the effect of Liporase?

Liporase Hyaluronidase starts breaking down the Hyaluronic Acid filler immediately after the injection. Most people will see the effects within 24~48 hours.

Please note that our products are meant to be administered by medical professionals. We are not responsible for any negative inflictions that may arise after administering products by yourself. We will not compensate for products that have been wasted or misused. Please note: Liporase Hyaluronidase needs to be mixed with saline (not included)




Hyaluronidase destroys HA and gives the possibility to adjust overcorrection and asymmetries. Furthermore, hyaluronidase has also been suggested for the treatment of the rare adverse reactions to HA fillers as by hypothesis some of the HA might still be present in the skin which might be targeted by hyaluronidase.

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