Dermalax 1ml x 1syringe

How to use
Should be performed by a certified professional.

Storage Condition
Do not freeze or heat the product. Avoid direct sunlight. Do not put any pressure or force on the product. Store at 2℃ to 25℃.

Across Co., Ltd.


Dermalax offers an abundance of advanced skin rejuvenation and pain-free facial sculpting treatment options that were developed to be injected into the skin at a different depth (epidermis, dermis or subcutaneous tissue), depending on the unique indications and properties of each of these professional-grade filler injections.

The Monophasic Blob Structure of these groundbreaking soft-tissue fillers is something that cannot be found in other solutions of this category and type. Thanks to it, the clinically tested implant gel has a dense and uniform texture that ensures a smooth and easy injection which is excellent news for both clinicians and patients. The trademark structure of these risk-free skin rejuvenation treatment options also delivers results that are remarkably durable (approximately 12 months) and natural-looking because they minimize the risk of overcorrection and instead provide a look that is well-balanced. The soft base Dermalax Plus lasts from 8 to 12 months, while the Implant can last for over 18 months. The fillers are very resistant to the enzymes of the patient body (but are still completely safe and biodegradable). Note, the effect also depends on factors like lifestyle, metabolism, diet etc.

Since top-selling dermal fillers that contain Hyaluronic Acid are administered via an injection, an anti-wrinkle treatment performed with them is typically rather swift but it can be slightly painful which is why some qualified cosmetic surgeons use a local anesthetic during the procedure. With Dermalax, there is no need for that because these are patient-friendly filler injections that contain 3% of lidocaine.

Dermalax Plus Dermalax Deep Plus Dermalax Implant Plus
Component HA 20mg/ml Lidocaine 0.3% HA 24mg/ml Lidocaine 0.3% HA 24mg/ml Lidocaine 0.3%
Application part Facial wrinkles Facial wrinkles Facial wrinkles
Injection depth Hypodermic Hypodermic Hypodermic
Syringe volume 1.1ml 1.1ml 1.1ml
Needle 30G 27G 25G
Storage condition 2~25˚C 2~25˚C 2~25˚C
Validity 24months 24months 24months
Packing unit 1syringe / 2x 30G needles. 1syringe/ 2x 27G needles. 2syringe/ 4x 25G needles.

Feature & Benefit

Dermalax™ is a Supreme & Pure monophasic, crosslinked НA soft tissue filler

Dermalax™ works by adding volume to facial tissue, thus correcting wrinkles & folds, and restoring a smoolh appearance to the face.

It keeps your skin moisturized, stimulates the regeneration of the aged cells, and supports Collagen & Elastin to maintain healthy skin.

Better Performance

Better volumizing effect
Soft extrusion force, and excellent results

Better Comfort

Infused with lidocaine to improve comfort during treatment
Longer-lasting effect
Less pain

Better Choice

Various options for treatment
Customized servrce to all users due to its extensive
application from face wrinkle to surgical application
No harmful side effects and excellent biologic safety

Type Dermalax™ Deep Dermalax™ Plus Dermalax™ Deep Plus Dermalax™ Implant Plus
Conposibon 20 mg/ml stabilized hyaluronic acid 20 mg/ml stabilized hyaluronic acid Lidocaine 0.3% 24 mg/ml stabilized hyaluronic acid Lidocaine 0.3% 24 mg/ml stabilized hyaluronic acid Lidocaine 0.3%
Recommended indications Folds, such as nasolabial folds. Shaping facial contours, e.g. cheeks and lips, fullness and pouting Thin superficial lines, such as worry lines, periotbital lines, Perioral lines, Folds, such as nasolabial folds. Shaping facial contours, e.g. cheeks and lips, Perioral lip lines fullness and pouting Folds, such as nasolabial folds. Shaping facial contours, e.g. cheeks and lips, fullness and pouting
Where to inject Deep dermis and/or Middle layer of subcutis Superficial dermis Deep layer of dermis and/or Middle layer of subcutis Deep layer of ubcutis
Volume of syringe 1.0mL 1.1mL 1.1mL 1.1 mLx2
Needle size 27G 30G 27G 27G
Storage 2-25'C 2-25'C 2-25'C 2-25'C
Duration More than 12 months
Approval Status CE Certified Notified Body No.1023
BDDE Not Detected
Endotoxins <1.25 EU/mL [Acceptance Criteria<12.5 EU/mL]

Monophasic Blob Structure

Regular & Dense Lattice which allows consistent Smooth Injection. Naturally Harmonized Volume & Look Solid, Durable and more Natural Looking

Injection Areas

Optimized for Pain Reduction

Dermalax™ Technology has optimized the product to minimize the pain during and/ or post injection for the patients

Ref. 11 data on file, Across Ltd

Before & After

Full Facial Contouring

Before & After

Forehead & Nose Contouring

Forehead - Dermalax Implant Plus 1.5cc
Nose - Dermalax Implant Plus 0.8cc

Nose - Dermalax Implant Plus О.Зсс
Nasolabial folds - 0.5cc

Nasolabial folds

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