BVRS D.Fill 2


BVRS D.Fill 2

Medium, needle 27G13 – 1 pc, 30G13 – 1pc

How to use
Should be performed by a certified professional.

Storage Condition
Store at room temperature (1~30°C) protect from sunlight.

T.A Bio Tech Co., Ltd.



HA Filler is very popular in aesthetic medicine.

Why HA Filler?

  • It’s more similar with human body HA, so less side effect.

  • It’s fully biodegradable from human body, so it’s safety for patient.

  • It could be deleted by hyaluronidase in case of uncomfortable feelings or unsatisfactory shape.


Safety-verified ingredients. Manufactured with high-grade safety verified Hyaluronic acids (HA) approved by the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Healthcare. High degree of purification of HA. High quality production and QC process. Optimized viscoelasticity and high cohesion on the one hand and plastic gel on the other hand. Smart technology which used in HA crosslinking technology allows to keep initial shape after injection, with no migration. Very comfortable syringe plunger with easy and slide injection, which allowed to use it up to 1.5 HR. Two different sizes of needle in each pack for the specialist convenience. With full line of D.Fill it’s able to correct full face from fine wrinkles to nose and chin correction.


HA Filler with lidocaine 24mg/ml, volume 1.1 ml

Lidocaine 3 mg/ml


D.Fill 2 – Medium, needle 27G13 – 1 pc, 30G13 – 1pc. Lip augmentation, nasolabial folds


BVRS D.Fill 2
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