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Mesococktails for skin smoothing and firming. Mesococktails is a meso cocktail that counteracts the signs of skin ageing. It contains all the active ingredients in the citrate cycle such as DMAE and carnosine amongst others, which are both known for their smoothing and strengthening properties and are the main energisers in aerobic oxidation.

Mesococktails can delay skin ageing. Our skin ages due to various internal and external factors. Our genes play an important role, but other factors such as smoking, diet, UV rays, stress and hormones also contribute. In any case, ageing damages the skin cells, molecules and the extracellular matrix.
The result can be seen in the decreased elasticity and firmness of the skin, which sags and forms wrinkles. When the body and the fibroblasts of the skin age, the synthesis and renewal of the extracellular matrix also decreases.
Mesococktails can influence the degradation process by supplying the nutrients required for optimal functioning and gradual renewal of the fibroblasts.

Women only want the very best for their skin and going back to nature to achieve this can be done through Mesotherapy. Minimising the implementation of chemicals and other products, Mesotherapy is an alternative method which aims to break up fat deposits within the skin to uplift sagging skin and make it tighter and youthful-looking. At the same time it introduces a balance of anti-oxidants to help the skin function the way it should, by fighting off any unwanted substances that come into contact with its skin cells.
Mesotherapy gives women the reassurance and peace of mind that only a natural potent of liquid is penetrating their skin to rejuvenate it.

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