Preparations for injection

Preparations for injection A beautiful, well-groomed face and body is every woman’s dream. But not everyone is ready to resort to plastic surgery, but there is a great substitute. Injection cosmetology, in other words, “beauty injections”, is one of the huge sections of aesthetic medicine. Preparations for injection gives an instant effect, does not require surgical intervention. Therefore, Does not disrupt the rhythm of life and is perfectly combined with hardware cosmetology. The basic principle in injection cosmetology aimed at rejuvenation is the supply of a substance from a solution to the neurons of the brain.

With the manifestation of various signs of skin aging, preparations containing vitamins are used. Under the influence of these substances, intensive production of collagen begins. Therefore, With a lack of collagen, the balance of amino acids changes, which leads to the breakdown of fibers in the dermal layers. Which negatively affects the appearance of the skin. It becomes flabby and becomes covered with age spots. Lack of water in the dermis often leads to the formation of wrinkles. Injection cosmetology in which there are many programs for rejuvenation will help to avoid premature skin aging and get an instant effect: Mesococktails; Skin Boosters.

You can also combine several procedures to achieve maximum effect. Injection cosmetology helps to solve problems aimed not only at rejuvenating the face, neck and décolleté. But also treating ptosis, acne, correcting the oval of the face, lips and nasolabial wrinkles, restoring the shape of the cheekbones, getting rid of cellulite and stretch marks.

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