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These treatments give the same results as facial lifting, oftentimes even better while preserving your natural look. A desire to achieve a non-surgical face lift always existed. But the main problem was the use of permanent i.e. non-degradable materials which would sometimes cause complications. That is how a safe facial lifting method was created using threads which degrade in their entirety and do not cause complications. This method is called mesotherads, while some call it 3D mesothreads.

What are mesothreads?
Mesothreads are a method which uses specially designed degradable fiber for lifting, rejuvenating and skin tightening. It is used for body and facial sculpting. Mesothreads are drawn under ones skin with a needle to create a network on which the organism will create new collagen. Mesothreads are located at the top of the needle. After inserting the needle the threads stay under one’s skin and the needle is taken out. The threads degrade completely within 6 months. Mesothreads have the strongest effect for provoking the development of new collagen and increase the skin’s blood supply which additionally boosts the production of new collagen and rejuvenates the skin. Drawing the thread with a needle additionally provokes the development of new collagen. This method is 100% natural because it provokes one’s own forces to create new collagen. Therefor the results are natural as well.

Is the treatment painful?
The mesothread treatment is painless and doesn’t provide discomfort but certain areas can be a bit sensitive. An anesthetic cream is used as anesthesia and if needed anesthesia like the one you receive at the dentists is used.

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